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Our partner was facing a logistical problem. Their business is based on delivery of lumber throughout a region. The network consisted of couriers and providers of lumber. The business began to grow and it was getting increasingly difficult and resource-consuming to supervise the fulfilment of orders by all the participants of the infrastructure. Thence they contacted us with an idea on optimization of internal processes. The idea was to deploy an internal system that would include all the partners communicating and reporting inside this network.
We decided to use a telegram bot for internal communication between providers and couriers as they handle an order. So, it would be easy to keep track of the order on various stages. And for the administrative part, we implemented a web application written in React.js that communicates with the server via RESTful API. So, we built two web services: RESTful CRUD API for business logic in Node.js and another that manages Telegram related logic in Golang.
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