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We believe that a person, merely with a thought, can change the world. Can change our lifestyle, how we think, and what we strive to. We love cool ideas and are proud of helping to develop society.

Soft’n’d is searching for interesting projects around the world to be a part of new. Inspire, and our teams know how to plan, develop and launch any ideas to the market.

Mike Shum
Web development
We will build or be maintaining a web application of any complexity.
from $30 / hour
Mobile development
We will build a mobile application. From an Idea to the #1 on App Store.
from $30 / hour
Landing page
We will build a landing page. For your brand, service or product to be online.
from $1000
eCommerce website
We will build an eCommerce website or integrate it with any service.
from $5 000
Backend development
We will build a backend system of any workload and technical complexity.
from $30 / hour
Blockchain development
We will design a blockchain protocol or build a DApp, ERC-20/NFT token.
from $30 / hour
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